タイトルアイコンSea and Port Call Center

1. Overview

Ever since the "Marine Day" became a national holiday in 1996, the interest in the sea and ports among the citizens of Japan has been increasing year after another. The “ports and harbors” have important roles in supporting our lives and industrial activities and have been chosen as the study subject of "Period for Integrated Study" for elementary and middle schools, which was introduced in 2003.
On the other hand, we have seen some movements by local residents and NPOs that independently and actively promote "Port Town Development" or restoration of nature in the coastal zones. However, we hear from those that they do not know which government office they should go to ask questions.
Therefore, we have set up "Sea and Port Call Center" in each Regional Development Bureau Port and Airport Department and each Ports and Harbours Office Therefore, we have set up "Sea and Port Call Center" in each Port and Airport Department of Regional Development Bureau and each port-related office to respond to the inquiries about the sea and ports from the local area and to develop community-based administration of ports and harbors. You can send inquiry from each homepage or call us using nationwide toll-free number.

2. Toll-Free Number System

  • You can call the ”Sea and Port Call Center” from anywhere in Japan, using this toll-free number.
  • Basically, you will be connected to the call center closest from your location.
  • Phone numbers for individual call centers are also available.

3. Inquiry Topics

As a general inquiry counter, "Sea and Port Call Center" accepts inquiries as follows:

  • Inquires about the use of the sea and port
  • Inquires about "Period for Integrated Study"
  • Inquires about the idea and plan for the port
  • Inquires about vitalization of port-town and waterfront
  • Inquires about nature restoration at the sea and ports and maintenance of green area
  • Inquires about the hands-on learning activities at the sea and environment study
  • Inquires about Ocean Civil Engineering Technology
  • Inquires about disaster prevention at the port
  • Other inquiries about the sea and ports
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Assistance Service Desk of the Sea and Port
Toll-free number Hours of operation 0120-497-370 Also accessible from Mobile and PHS
Sea Wave Information in Ports(Real-time)
Sea WaveYou have access to the real-time wave information at all ports in Japan. Broadcasted by The Nationwide Ocean Wave information network for Ports and Harbors (NOWPHAS)
QR CODE"You can check the information of waves in the Hokuriku region from your mobile phone.