タイトルアイコンWharf Building Process

A wharf is a facility that connects ships with land to load and unload cargos. Regarding wharf structures, there are gravity types, sheet pile types and cell types etc. We introduce the building process of sheet pile type here.


Drive many piles made of sand into the seabed to make the underwater soil firm and strong.


Dig the seabed to a specific depth and drive iron piles called “Yaita” on the sea floor.


Drive piles behind Yaita and pull the Yaita with steel bars to support.


Pour earth and sand behind the Yaita and compact them.


Pave the surface and equip with mooring posts, etc. to complete the wharf.

*1 : Sometimes it starts with 2 .

*2 : In 3 , sometimes steel cables are used instead of steel bars.

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