タイトルアイコンFacilities in the Port of Nanao

Mooring Facilities

NameWater DepthLengthBerthing Capacity
PublicNo.1 Terminal West Pier (Under Development)7.5m220m

5,000D/W 1ships

No.1 Terminal East Pier5.5m180m2,000D/W2ships
No.2 Terminal East Pier9.0m165m10,000D/W 1ships
Ota Terminal for Specialized Goods10.0m185m15,000D/W 1ships
Ota (No.2) Terminal10.0m185m15,000D/W 1ships
Ota (No.3) Terminal10.0m260m15,000D/W 1ships
Ota Mooring Post10.0m200m15,000D/W 1ships
PrivateOther Cargo Uploading Facility1.5~4.0m2,996m
Sumitomo Private Wharf6.6m121m3,000D/W 1ships
Kyoritsu Private Pier7.3m114m5,000D/W 1ships
Pier for LPG Gas15.0m345m60,000D/W 1ships
Hokuriku Electric Power Company Nanao Ota Thermal Power Pier5.5m~14.0m525m2,000~60,000D/W 3ships
Total5,15m2,000~60,000D/W 12ships

The "Green" of the Port

NameAreaFunctionYear of Completion
Biwan Park12,770㎡Resting green space1985
Minato Small Park2,401㎡Resting green space1974
Nanao Marine Park25,110㎡Symbolic green space2001