Cruise Ship Port Call Schedule

Cruise ships that entertain domestic or international joyful voyage stop here.

Asuka II Fuji Maru Pacific Venus
The largest Luxury Cruise Liner in Japan "Asuka II" The Princess of the Sea "Fuji Maru" The second largest cruise ship in Japan, "Pacific Venus"

Port of Nanao

Schedule Date Name of the Ship Projected Mooring Time Location Notes
Apr 30 (Tue) Nippon Maru 8:00-17:00 YATASHIN 1st wharf
Jun 25 (Tue) Nippon Maru 9:00-11:00 YATASHIN 1st wharf
Jun 28 (Fri) Nippon Maru 19:30-22:00 YATASHIN 1st wharf
Aug 28 (Wed) ASUKA Ⅱ 9:30-21:00 Ota Wharf
Sep 22 (Sun) ASUKA Ⅱ 8:00-17:00 Ota Wharf

Information on other ports

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